Trepanning, Deep Hole Drilling, Drill Collar Straightening | Machine Shop Houston Texas United States | Drilex Corporation

Specialty Services

Trepanning and Deep Hole Drilling

We offer these hard to find services at our Houston facility. Our machinery can trepan or deep hole drill up to 6" diameter holes and up to 32 feet deep in one direction, or halfway through in each direction.

These machines are perfectly suited for production of high strength tubular products and other application used in the mining, oil & gas drilling, petro-chemical, defense and marine industries.

Straightening Press

Employs 1,600,000 pounds (800 tons) of straightening force and can handle bar stock up to 12" in diameter and lengths up to 48 feet long. Our manually operated press and experienced operators can straighten even the most difficult bars.

Conventional Machinery

Over 40 conventional and production support machines enables us to produce specialty tooling, jobs and fixtures.

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