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Process Controls & Quality Management

We Welcome Your Survey of Our Systems

We are very proud of our performance record and abilities to control all facets of your order requirements. We always welcome the opportunity to fully demonstrate the systems and procedures which control our daily quality performance, and our doors are open for your inspection and facilities survey.

Quality Management to ISO 9002 Standards

Our consistency is not coincidental -- it is the result of proven Total Quality Management systems that are documented, monitored, and followed daily.

The fundamental day-to-day policy which drives our quality performance is conformance to requirements . Quality is assured by its integration and practice at all levels of production with our aim and focus being to complete each task properly and accurately the first time, and each time following.

Our complete manufacturing process operates under a rigidly controlled and fully documented Quality Assurance Program which is based upon the ISO 9002 standard. Our system has received prior certification to Mil-I-45208A, and features the following capabilities

  • Documented and Audit Traceable.
  • Individual Project Sensitivity.
  • Statistical Process Controls (SPC)
  • Inspection Criteria is Zero-Defects
  • Mil-STD 105D sample frequency
  • Sophisticated Measurement Equipment
  • Instrument Control traceable to the National Bureau of Standards
and we are an Approved Vendor to Certified Suppliers of
  • Oil & gas safety and production equipment - API, SPPE, & OCS
  • Railroad switch, signal, and safety equipment.
  • The Defense Department, and major defense contractors.

Our Quality Assurance Department will provide, upon written request, more thorough information concerning our QC procedures. Customer QA personnel may also request a copy of our complete Quality Assurance Manual and program documentation. Customer quality surveys and audits may also be arranged by contacting our Quality Assurance personnel.

Programming and Production Planning

Programming and production planning is under the direction of experienced Manufacturing Engineers. Our programming staff uses the Intercim AutoPro programming system. This advanced system is supported by high resolution full color graphics and features both screen and plotter translation of part configuration and machine tool movement and positioning.

All programs and edits are plotted and proven prior to release for actual machine prove-out, saving both production down time and material waste.

Detailed work orders which include purchasing requirements and full manufacturing and inspection process controls and documents are prepared and approved by both Engineering and Quality Control prior to production release.

All materials are serialized and documented for full materials traceability.

All completed goods are serialized and/or are batch traceable to all inspection documentation.

Uniform Practices and Procedures

Our employees participate in a program of strictly regulated written shop standards and procedures that includes shop cleanliness and safety programs.

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